The key to pulling off a bow tie is putting it on in the first place. If you have the courage to wear a bow tie, you’ll find it’s a small accessory that receives a lot of attention and can become a conversation piece, which makes choices about pattern and shape more important. The bow tie you choose will end up saying a lot about your personality and your character. People wear bow ties to make a statement.

Know that you’re in a good company when you make the decision to wear a bow tie. Here is a list of high-profile bow tie enthusiasts to name a few: Winston Churchill, Bill Nye, Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, Pee-Wee Herman, The Cat in the Hat, Steve Jobs, Dracula, Doctor Who, and Ryan Gosling. Now that’s one stylish group of guys (and a cat) that we’d like to be a part of. Wouldn’t you?
Finally, if you ever catch yourself unsure whether or not to go for a bow tie, just remember: Bow ties are cool!

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